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May 23 2018

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a lot of people on here are very adamant that ever reading any material whatsoever written by your opposition is morally wrong which i think is deeply stupid… reading something doesnt mean you automatically agree with it, but it does mean youve gleaned some insight into the oppositions views in their own words which imo is imperative to actually arguing against them 

also frankly i think if youre in a small tight knit group of self declared activists and everybody is telling you what you can or cannot read & you can potentially face punishment for venturing off the approved reading list thats a red flag baby





i am fast and full of teeth. i willl die in a barn fire

are you a .. .horse

These are very high quality images trying very hard to look like very low quality images

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dril, ally

lets players over the past week


me: hey uhh can we get some curly hair options besides one huge ass afro??

game devs: fuck no

also game devs: here’s 30 balding options for your characters


when everyone said u were rly smart and responsible as a kid but u havent rly made any improvements as a human being since



Some of you need to learn the difference between skinny girls being made to feel insecure about their body from certain people and fat girls being made to feel like their entire life is worthless because of their body size from literally the entire world

People still don’t get the point of this post…….wild

Fun Facts About Honey




- Honey is mostly sugar (WoW!) it is 80% sugar and 20% water (double WoW!)

- There are over 20,000 species of bees, but only 4 make HONEY

-Honey is the ONLY food that contains all the substances you need to survive (Including WATER)

-Children under the age of 1 should not eat honey… why? because sometimes it contains bad stuff called botulism and can cause them to get botulism poisoning (that sucks, even infants should taste the deliciousness that is honey)

-Honey will crystallize under optimum temperatures (this has a lot to do with how you store it)

-Bees produce honey to eat during the winter when there are no flowers and no nectar for them.

-A honeybee would only need an ounce of honey to be able to fuel a flight around the world (this makes for a very cultural bee!)

-A typical beehive can make up to 400 pounds of honey a year! (Wowza!)

This reads like it was written by a bee and I’m 100% here for it

This is singlehandedly THE BEST compliment I have ever received :)



Overheard in a shop: 

Man: Didn’t want to disturb you when u were on the phone but u are in the US now. Speak English. 

Woman: Excuse me?

Man: If u want to speak Mexican, go back to Mexico. Here we speak English. 

Woman: I spoke Navajo. If u want to speak English, go back to England.

See what happens when you go out of your way to not mind your business


It’s so frustrating when you’re like the only person who can see how evil and sneaky someone is and everyone else is like blind to it




What the Right calls “censorship” is usually actually censure– people meeting them with strong disapproval.

What the Right calls for in return is usually actual censorship– asking ruling bodies and institutions to limit the freedom of expression.

Calling for counter-rallies against fascist recruiters: Censure.
Calling for universities to cancel “social justice” courses: Censorship.

Is it cool if I quote you this? Its a great explaintion, but its something I doubt id come up with myself.

My ideas are all yours to use.

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me on a date


date: did u like the movie??

me: i mean….it was good but not as good as captain america: the winter soldier (2014) directed by anthony and joe russo 

date: did u like the movie??

me: i mean…it was good but not as good as thor: ragnarok (2017) directed by taika waititi





I hope all of yall find $20 on the ground tomorrow.

And I mean that.

$50 maybe

a dropped money clip from some clumsy, unobservant capitalist shithead with in excess of $5000 in it




Tom Holland always ends up on a positive note whenever he’s sharing something. He’ll be like “I was wearing the tight spider-man suit and I had to hold my pee for 11 hours and I was really sweaty but it was great! I loved it!” “I got major migraines after being upside for a long time when shooting the Washington monument scene but it was a learning experience and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! :)” “Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan make fun of me and I cry at night but it’s all fun! Loving life!”

funnily anough in brazil when u accept bullshit without speaking up its called “swallowing frogs”

May 22 2018


Avengers: Huh, it’s been a while since Thor’s been back, hope he isn’t too confused about all of our new members and what’s been going on.

Thor: *flying into battle with an axe* Hey everyone nice to meet ya by the way I’ve brought back Banner also meet my friends Rabbit and Tree I’ll introduce you to my space team and my friend throckmorton and my personal drunk hero later at the family dinner xoxoxo oh yeah also made up with loki watched him die but he could also be that random green snake right there, lost an eye gained an eye lost my hammer gained an axe also the rest of Asgard and I need to crash with one of you because *jean ralphio voice* tECHNICALLY I’M HOMELESSSSSSS

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